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Frequently Asked Questions


Are there special offers to go to the park?

Yes. For more information, visit our web. In our facebook you will be informed about any special offers, news etc, etc.

Is it possible to buy tickets in advance?

No, you can only buy tickets in advance on our website (always before 23 hours) Tickets bought on the web are not valid on the day of purchase, It’s valid  from the next day of the purchase.

Are there special rates for groups?

Yes, there are speccial rates for groups. For more information, contact our promotion department by phoning to 972 82 82 83.

How much does the entrance fee cost?

Rates according to the height of person. You can consult rates on our website.

Is there a seasonal pass?

Yes. With your seasonal pass you can enjoy everyday at either; Water World or Aquadiver.

Do I have to pay even if I'm not going to use the attractions and just want to walk around the waterpark?

Yes, all clients must pay before entering the park.

Do I have to do the cue even if I have bought the ticket in advanced on your web or in a travel agency?

No, with the locator of your online ticket  go directly to the turnstiles of the acces of the park.

Does the park open all summer?

Aquadiver opens daily from 10:00 on June 7th until September 12th, 2021.

What kind of food is available at the park?

Our restaurants cater for all types from menus for both children and adults. We also have self-service, BBQ  and kebab and fast food outlets.

Are picnics allowed in our park?

Yes, there are designated areas; however, picnics out of these areas are not permitted.

Is it allowed to leave the park to have lunch and return again?

It is not allowed. You can only go to your car to collect anything you may need. Please consult the information desk.

Are there any restrictions to use the attractions?

Yes. Please consult the rules and regulations for each attraction. They may be some restrictions on rides relating to height, weight and physical conditions of the person. This information is also available on our website. Once in the park, there are signs per attraction indicating proper use and restrictions. You are also encouraged to ask any member of the SOS team if in doubt.

Is it allowed to use the attractions if you do not swim?

Most of the attractions yes, taking into account of the depth of water on each attraction. You can use floating aids if needed. All attractions are supervised by trained life-guards for your safety.

Does the park have trained life-guards on all attractions?

Yes, the park has a team of life-guards and monitors. Life-guards are situated in areas such as the swimming pool and monitors are in areas such as slides.

Are there heated pools?

Yes, we have two jacuzzi with hot bubbling water.

Will the new attractions be open for public use?

Yes: Aqua Rocket, Aqua Racer and Fun Temple are open!

Is it allowed to leave kids alone into the park?

From 14 years old you can acces alone. All children under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times thought-out the park. Once in the park, they must be supervised always.

Is it allowed to bathe without swimming costume?

No. Park rules state for reasons for health and safety and hygiene, all customers must wear a swimming costume.

Are ball games allowed in the park?

No. Due to reasons to respect and not disturb other customers.

Are there cool areas away from the sun?

Yes, the park has large areas of grass and shade. We also recommend the use of a high factor sun cream during your visit. Our onsite shop has a range of sun lotions. 

Are pets allowed into the park?

Pets are not allowed into the park.

Does the park have parking facilities?

Yes. The park has parking facilties but is not control. We encourage you not to leave any valuables in your vehicle, and use our locker service for storage.

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