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Code of conduct. Rules of the internal regime.


Entry to the facilities is subject to capacity.

No pets allowed.

Visitors who come to the park to enjoy their leisure time will have to comply with the rules of proper use of the facilities and care instructions that are given through the signs, public address system and, especially, through the monitors and lifeguards who ensure your safety and that of others.

From 14 years old you can acces alone. Children under 14 years old must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

Keep an eye on the risks of sun, use sunscreens before and during your stay.

In queues shall respect your turn and not be saved place to someone else.

Each installation is designed to make of them, a particular use, by which only complying with the rules of use ensures the total safety of users. There are the infractions of these rules, which involve an inadequate use of the facilities, which make the activity developed in the water park unsafe.

By contrast, a correct use of the facilities (which passes through the compliance of the directions indicated and specialized by staff of the park), ensures, at all hours, the safety of the visitors.

For use of facilities, in addition to the general standards and specific to each, the user must be in normal physical condition. Bear in mind these conditions as, in most cases, the staff won’t be able to detect them. You must be in normal physical health to go on all rides (people with back problems, heart problems, dizziness and pregnant women can not make use of all rides). Pregnant women are not allowed to ride: Aqua Rocket, Kamikaces, Water Fall and Riu Rapid. Zig Zag Rosa, Zig Zag Blau, Zig Zag Blanc, Spiro Tub and Splash Mountain are also not recommended to ride.

In addition to the rules of use of the facilities the user must respect the other signs scattered throughout the park, which, in addition to ensuring safety, are aimed at maintaining the necessary order and safety within the park.

Diving in the pools is not allowed. You're not allowed to hold your breath underwater.

In particular we must respect the following rules:

The loungers and hammocks can be used only in the designated places (solarium swimming pools), it is forbidden to move them to other areas.

Ball games and other throwing games are not allowed anywhere in the park.

Picnics must be had only in designated picnic areas and not in other surrounding areas.

The park has a music speaker system to ensure everyone’s enjoyment, therefore it is not allowed to use any other music device that may disturb others without the use of headphones.

Visitors must not disrupt the surveillance carried out by specialized members of staff by distracting them.

Is it essential to the safety of all visitors not to distract the surveillance carried out by members of staff.

The Management of the park, which reserves the right to admission, may also, if the conduct of one or multiple users is not correct, proceed to his ejection from the grounds of the park. In this case, the user is not entitled to a refund of any amount to be paid in respect of entry or any of the services being provided within the park.

In these instances, the park reserves the right to take legal action on the events that lead to the ejection.



Most rides at Aquadiver have mechanical and electrical components which are subject to maintenance or malfunction.

Ocasionally, the company may have one or more rides out of service .In the case that one or more rides are out of service, a customer will not reserve the right to a full or partial refund of the ticket price. The customer will also not have the right to a refund if the rides or the park itself have to be closed during the day due to weather conditions.

The park manager may decide to evacuate the premises for safety reasons in case of accident, serious damage or threat (explosive or otherwise). As in previous cases the user may not require repayment of any amount.

For safety reasons it is forbidden to wear ,in all rides glasses (except if they are specific for swimming), pendants, bracelets, watches, chains, large earrings or anything that may entail a risk to safety. These elements may deteriorate the structure of the attractions.

For reasons of hygiene and safety, the user must wear only bathing suit for the use of the attractions.

We inform you that the water in all the swimming pools and rides is treated with Chlorine (sodium hypochlorite 15%) and Salfuman (hydrochloric acid 25%), also the product LPH (liquid degreaser) is used to clean the rides.

Obligation of notify the accidents, the thefts and the losses. All the clients must to notify every accident or problem that take place during their stay in the park.

Here are the rules for use of each of the park's rides as well as instructions for the use of ancillary services. Meeting these standards ensures the user a correct use of the facility.


1st. Wave Pool. Diving is not permitted and people must access the pool through the shore. You're not allowed to hold your breath underwater. The side ladders may be used only to exit the Wave Pool. Standing on the side handles and the use of inflatable mattresses, tires or floats of any kind is not permitted. Glasses/sunglasses are only permitted if they are made of plastic and NOT glass due to the danger glass can cause to all users. There’s no are waves from 13:00 until 15h. 

2nd. Zig Zag. The user should always maintain a minimum distance of 30 meters from the previous user before launching the platform. Voluntarily will not be stopped halfway through, or stand up or get out of the chute by an intermediate point thereof. Once you've reached the glass reception, seek out the same as quickly as possible. It is strictly forbidden to launch two or more people at once and carry a child. Diving is prohibited.

3rd. Kamikazes. Visitors under 1.2 meters will not be allowed to go on this ride. It is forbidden to dive or jump into the pool from anywhere other than the starting platform, it is mandatory lying back and with their arms crossed catching the shoulders. Once in the receiving vessel, the user will seek to stop the most avoid slipping on the surface of the water and leaving it as soon as possible and the shortest path. A user can never exit until the previous cup has left the reception. Avoid using this facility for people with back problems, heart or similar which may involve some risk for pre-existing disease or infirmity. Not recommended for people over 110 kg.

4th. Soft Tracks. It is strictly forbidden for the user to walk down these tracks, so as to stand up anywhere. Is also forbidden to dive. Nor allow two users occupy the same track or to change from one to another during the trip. Once in the receiving vessel, the user will seek out the same as soon as possible. Diving is prohibited.

5th. River Running. Safety restrictions prohibit visitors under 120 cm tall from experiencing this ride. The tour takes place on a float called tire "donut". It will not be allowed to go head and carrying a child with you. It is not allowed to form chains of more than four users. It should remain in the intermediate pools longer than necessary, or voluntarily stopped halfway. Once in the receiving vessel, the user will seek out the same as soon as possible.

6th. Kid's Bay. Children's and family area. The Kid's Bay slides: Tornado, Tornado Wave, Twister, Proraces and Miniriver are designed for the little ones up to five 1,50 cm. Children must be permanently supervised by an adult. It is not allowed to form chains or dive headfirst. Diving in the pools is not allowed. You're not allowed to hold your breath underwater.

7th. Lake Adventure. This is a facility designed to develop in it three different types of water activities: swimming or rest area in the giant hammock, reception area for users of the tube slide and playground Spiro "Rockhouse". No user should therefore remain within the limits of demarcation of each of these areas. Rockhouse is only for Children until 1,20 meters. The user must leave the reception area of the tube Spiro as soon as possible. Diving in the pools is not allowed. You're not allowed to hold your breath underwater.

8th. Waterfall. Safety restrictions prohibit visitors under 120 cm tall from experiencing this ride. A black-hole with a linear route. The drop is made with twin tires and achieves dramatic acceleration and top speeds. It is a very rapid decline. You must follow the directions at all times of the monitors and information panels. The heaviest person must sit in the front position of the tire. You may not start the tour until the previous customer has reached the end. Once there, the ride is vacated as quickly as possible and give the tire the first in the queue. Not recommended for people over 110 kg.

9th. Splash Mountain. Aquatic Roller coaster whose descent is made by boat for two users. Throughout the journey the user will be seated in the same position, unable to rise. The ride has emergency systems needed to evacuate the same if the trip be interrupted for any reason. The hours of operation of this facility will be 11 am until one hour before closing time the Aquatic Park.

10th. Aqua Rocket. Safety restrictions prohibit visitors under 120 cm tall from experiencing this ride. It should be lowered necessarily lying back and with their arms crossed catching the shoulders. You are not allowed to begin before the previous user has left the pool of arrival. Upon arrival, the pool should be abandoned quickly by the side. The queue access to the platform of departure should be kept away from the ladder. For reasons of hygiene and safety, the user must wear only a bathing suit. Not recommended for people over 110 kg.

11th. Aqua Racer. It is strictly forbidden by the user go down upright, as well as to stand up at any point of the trail. You must use the mat. Each user has a track and should never descend two or more users at once by a single track. Nor is it possible to move from one track to another during the journey. No user should begin until the runway is clear and never before the indication of the monitor. Upon arriving at the end the user will leave the area quickly. For reasons of hygiene and safety, the user must wear only a bathing suit.

12th. Fun Temple. Follow the Lifeguard's instructions. Look after your children.

13th. Kid’s River. Attraction for the little ones. The descent is carried out in a pneumatic float. It is not allowed to form strings. Once at the end of the tour the user will try to get out of it as soon as possible.

14th. Loungers and Hammocks. In the solariums of the Wave Pool and Lake Relax there are hammocks and chairs arranged. These can be rented. A park employee will collect the rent established and described in box office, which will entitle the user to use during the day. The hammocks and deck chairs can not move from the area in which they are located.

15th. Picnic. The water park has a picnic area properly marked, outside this area is not allowed to practice it. It is strictly forbidden to reserve tables or placing things in them and go away. There is a locker rental service to leave clothes and valuables.

16th. Medical Service: The Medical Service, which due to legal requirements exists during the hours of service available to our clients, will issue a certificate-report with all the data and details pertinent to the case, which will serve as pre-diagnosis of the first aid provided and also as an essential requirement to be able to benefit from the possible compensations to which he was entitled. For these purposes, there is a record that at the end of the season will be legalized by an ECA, in which all the first aid services that are carried out in our infirmary will be recorded and that the affected client-user will be able to request for the verifications that they consider appropriate, at any time.

17th. Changing rooms and lockers. The park is equipped with changing rooms: one for ladies and another for men. The above enclosures are intended only to change clothes, not for any cleaning or service, which already has its branches in other locations. The park service has lockers for customers to keep their clothes and personal items to the public upon payment of the tariffed amount which was properly announced. The address of the park requires the deposit of a sum of money as security for repayment of the key. Any forgotten object after one day will be considered as lost object. In the event that it is food, in the same way the limit will be the daily closure of the facility and immediately afterwards it wil be destroyed. The address of the park is not responsible for any items that could be lost inside the park.

18th. Parking. The water park has a free parking area, but not guarded, for customers throughout the day. In no event shall the park be liable for theft and damage taking place in this area.


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